Want MORE for your Transaction Fees?

Your Web-Hosting...

Merchant Doodle offers the fastest website hosting available, using the speed, power, and security of the Google Cloud Platform.  We take your website’s speed, availability, and security very seriously.

Every website and e-commerce store hosted by Merchant Doodle has its own server setup we don’t do shared hosting.  This lets us optimize our hosting to insure that your website and e-store run as fast as possible for every client, on every device, regardless of their connection speed.

And with our “auto-scale” cloud setup +included Content Delivery Network, Merchant Doodle Web-Hosting scales to meet your websites visitors and your traffic needs on time, every time, all the time.


Un-Matched Speed

Our State-of-the-Art Technology using Nginx, PHP 7+,and MariaDB makes sure your website loads in the blink-of-an-eye. You don’t need to know about any of this stuff, we build it all and handle it for you.


Superior Security

We use active and passive measures to stop malicious attacks instantly. Site monitoring, SSL support, and security firewalls all included. Bottom-line: your website is monitored & secured 24/7.


Serious Support

Do you have a personal cell-phone number to call or text for website emergencies? We develop real relationships with our clients and provide extremely responsive customer service and 24/7 tech support.


More-than-Money... Save Time!

Saving money usually costs a lot of time. With Merchant Doodle, you leverage your processing fees & our technical expertise to save both.
+Get started in just a few minutes.

Recycle your Processing Fees

Getting more for your processing dollars just makes good business sense. Especially since it’s not just money you’re saving, but time.
What’s your TIME worth?
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