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great payment solutions
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...and more.
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we do the rest
you save time & money...

imagine... more time for what matters.

how it works...

Bundled Services


Merchant Doodle...


Save Valuable time

You save more than just money. All of our Business Services are MANAGED FOR YOU and the setup & heavy lifting is always on us.

Focus on business

Less time spent managing multiple services leaves more time to focus on doing business. Think HUGE IMPACT on your bottom line.

pay less - get more

Every transaction you process counts toward your savings. Start getting more for your business with BUNDLED SERVICE SAVINGS.




Your Payments... #Personalized 🙂

Your business needs a great mobile payment system, a website & e-commerce store that works, up-to-date POS technology, a real gift-card program, or options for your existing POS system …and we get that. That’s why we created Merchant Doodle Payment Solutions …for all the things you shouldn’t have to do.

Team Management... #Simplified

Payroll has never been faster or easier than with Merchant Doodle. We offer a full employee portal, applicant tracking, BG checks, performance reviews, 401K plans, workers comp, healthcare management, and a fantastic HR library – all at your finger tips. Start running advanced payroll the easy way, & leave the hard stuff behind.





E-Commerce... #Optimized

With a customizable shopping cart, expert website design, and great marketing, your brand will shine across all content channels & devices. Think managing your own products and content is too hard? …if you can handle Facebook or Instagram, then you’re going to LOVE Merchant Doodle’s World-Class E-Commerce Solutions!

Fast, Secure, & Reliable

Powerful, managed web-hosting & custom site Migration with technology partners like Kinsta & the Google Cloud Platform. +You’ll enjoy 24/7/365 award-winning support with LIVE Chat response times of < 3 minutes …all to create secure, engaging, lightning-fast results for your mission critical website or online store.

Web Hosting


SEO & Social


More Visitors = More Sales

Big companies are easy for customers to find — but what about smaller ones? Your awesome products & services won’t matter or make a difference if people can’t find you. Building your online presence will bring you more customers, and we can make that happen! Get more site traffic & social visitors with Merchant Doodle SEO today.

#Goodbye Busywork...

Get your Outlook invites in-sync with your mobile iCalendar. Discover a CRM that natively talks to your website, marketing systems, and sales people while keeping your online inventory & invoicing in-sync. Enjoy enterprise-grade password management & SSO. Get automated & nix the busywork so less can be more!

Business Productivity


get started...


Connect Up

Together we’ll discuss your current setup and the type of solutions you’re interested in.  Then we’ll start building a high-quality solution bundle just for you.

Send Statements

Next, we’ll take a confidential look at your statements and calculate a few business metrics. This way we can save you as much time and money as possible.

Review Your Offer

You’ll quickly receive your customized Bundled Rewards Summary. We routinely see clients qualify for 50-80% discounts, so try not to act too surprised 🙂

Enjoy More Time

Our team members specialize in payments, POS integration, payroll, websites, business systems and more… so you don’t have to. Just relax & enjoy!

here for you.


Combining hard work & technology, we’re rapidly becoming leaders in a changing industry by building stable, intelligent solutions for you.


Clarity, good communication, and transparent intentions create clear expectations, reachable goals, & real results. We believe in real results.


We also believe it’s our duty to act only in your best interest. So when you’re having 🙁 problems, we consider those our problems too.


We’re committed to being upfront and honest about who we are and what we do… while staying true to our commitments & relationships.

customers say...

customers say...

Enjoy More Time for What Matters...

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